Joyful Journey


We look forward to teaching your child!
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Enrollment Fee               $45

M,W,F                             $175 a month

T, Th                                $120 a month

Pre-K                               $225 a month

Afternoon Preschool       $225 a month

Transitional Kinder        $225 a month

All day Option (TK &

Afternoon Preschool)     $550 a month

Child-First Curriculum

"It isn’t easy sending my little precious babies to school, but having Joyful Journey Preschool as the place they go every day certainly sets my mind more at ease." JJP Parent

We focus on Christian Education and the use of "The Creative Curriculum"​approach to early childhood education.

School days are spent learning through various

hands-on activities and exploration. Indoor and outdoor play, large and small group interaction, and activity centers are all in the daily routine.Keep reading... 




Joyful Journey is open to all children ages 3-6. Enrollment begins late January/early February. Each class has a max of 16.


Your Child's Imagination

Preschool 3-4 Years

Morning M,W,F      8:30-11:30

Morning T & Th      8:30-11:30

Pre-K 4-5 Years
Morning M-Th          8:30-11:30

Afternoon Preschool 3-5 Years​

Afternoon M-Th        12:30-3:30

Transitional Kindergarten 5 Years

Morning M-Th             8:30-11:30

*There is an all day option by combining TK and Afternoon Preschool, please ask us about it.

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